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From modest beginnings, the accommodation provided by the Section Ireland of IPA has become nationally and internationally accepted as of a high standard worldwide. The houses are let on a daily basis throughout the year in Dublin and elsewhere but on a weekly basis in summer months in the other ‘regional’ accommodations. The rental is nominal to IPA members.

We are unique in owning high-class houses and apartments in strategic locations around the coast of Ireland in addition to having secured leased selected accommodations, which are available for daily and weekly lettings in scenic locations. The Irish are noted for their friendly welcome to visitors. Frequently we provide accommodation in our homes, referred to as hosting.

International IPA House Guidelines require that revenue from lettings be used exclusively to cover costs, i.e. maintenance, renovations, equipment, replacements, extensions of existing premises and upgrading facilities. Very careful husbandry clearly resulted in the acquisition of the excellent facilities enjoyed by members of the IPA in the Section Ireland, thanks to the quiet skill of the National House Secretary.

With thanks to Chris Cahill for providing house pictures.

For bookings or enquiries regarding our apartments in Cork, Galway, Sligo or Wexford contact the National House Secretary, Chris Cahill, email:

Bookings for IPA House Dublin contact Noeleen or Breda at
IPA House, Dublin.
Tel: 01 830 2907 Fax: 01 830 4612

Email: ipairish@gmail.com