National Executive Committee

National Development Secretary

Willie Maye

Membership & Development Officer

Contact Address: c/o IPA Office, 13 Iona Drive, Glasnevin, Dublin 9


At the 2015 National Congress in Athlone, Willie Maye was re-elected to the NEC. In line with the changes enacted at the Special National Congress of 2014, the Portfolio of National Development Secretary (NDS) has been extended and once again includes the responsobility of National Enrolment Secretary (NES).

The principal function of the NDS/NES are:

  • To encourage enrolment at all levels from students to retired members.

  • To advise on activities conducive to development.

  • To ensure that computer records and printouts are kept up-to-date.

  • To oversee the distribution of IPA publications and deal with related problems.

  • To re-activate weak Regions.

  • To consult with Regions on adequacy of Regional structures.

  • To intervene where AGMs and ARCs are not held and to set up provisional committees in such cases under the provisions of new Rule 19(6)(f).

  • To liaise with the Editor / Communications Officer on matters related to development.

To report to the National Professional Commission on matters relating to development.


Enrolment of New Members:- To become an ordinary member of Section Ireland of the International Police Association;-

An applicant must either be (A) a serving or retired member of An Garda Siochana or (B) a serving member of the Garda Reserve. He/She must complete the relevant application form, supply 2 passport-type photographs and undertake to abide by the Constitution,.Rules and Schedules of Section Ireland. Serving and Retired members of An Garda Síochána must sign an Authorisation to the Accountant, Department of Justice, for the deduction at source from salary/pension of the membership subscription, which is currently set at €0.95 per week. This amount can only be changed by direction of National Council.

Foreign police personnel who come to live in Ireland after retirement and who were members of IPA in the country in which they had served, or who wish to become a new member of IPA, should apply to the National Development and Enrolment Officer for membership of the Ireland Section of IPA. Suchmembership may only be granted by the NEC.

All members may elect regional Committees triennially. Delegates to NC (who must be Regional Committee members) may elect duly nominated candidates to NEC. All Regional members may attend annual Regional AGM. Duly appointed Delegates will attend NC eavch year. Other members or guests may attend, subject to the consent of the President, or chairman.

New members are issued a membership card on joining the Association. They also receive a digital copy of the IPA Ireland Constitution, Rules and Schedules. Each member is entitled to receive a copy of each edition of IPA Journal, and any other publication produced for the membership. 

Membership has many benefits, including the opportunity of participating in the activities of the Association, nationally and internationally. IPA accommodation is available at attractive terms in many of the 64 IPA Sections. Youth exchange between Sections and Young Police Officer's Programmes and Seminars are held annually..

Membership has its obligations -  Members are obliged to

  • maintain the good name of the Association

  • help all members either by advice or practical assistance where necessary

  • promote toleration and peace through cultural, professional and social contacts

    How to enrol as a member of IPA:
    Visit the Membership Page and download and complete an Enrolment Formand return your completed form to the National Development and Enrolment Officer.

  • Link to Membership Page