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Welcome to the IPA activities page where a wide range of hobbies and technology are promoted. For any information on the activities listed here or if you are interested in starting your own club, contact Aidan Curtin, National Hobbies Secretary

IPA Pistol Club


The aims of the Pistol Club are to provide organised events for members of the IPA (Ireland Section) who are pistol and revolver enthusiasts and to promote and encourage interaction with like minded enthusiasts from other IPA sections around the world. For info contact Pat Donnelly on 042 933 5577

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IPA Motorcycle club

IPA Motorcycle Club

The IPA GMC was established in 1999. The club was the brainchild of IPA member Seamus McBride of Tir Chonaill Branch, a motorcyle enthusiast who in the Spring of 1999 gathered together like minded members in Donegal and called a meeting to see what could be done.

He was assisted in the task by another IPA member, Frank Togher and supported by the 1st Vice President of the Association at the time, Joe Lynch who proposed that the IPA National Executive Committee endorse the club as a National IPA Club within this Section. The club was endorsed by unanimous decision of the IPA National Executive Committee and was formally launched as the IPA GMC at the 1999 IPA National Council in Kildare in May 1999.

Since then the Club has grown from strength to strength and is now firmly established throughout the Section with active members, North, South, East and West.

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Fishing and Angling club

Radio, Computer & Camcorder Club (1997)

A high quality video recorder is available to Regions and Branches to record events of IPA and police interest.

Ham Radio
The Amateur Radio and Computer Club (1997) has been defined as “A service of self training as inter-communication and technical investigation carried out by amateurs who are duly authorised persons interested in radio techniques as a personal aim, without pecuniary interests.”

The members’ aims may be summarised as furthering world peace and friendship. The Association has over 1,000 members registered to the world-wide IPA Amateur Radio Club - colloquially referred to as “Ham Radio”. The Ireland Club has members of all ages, both serving and retired, throughout the Section.

In order to operate an amateur radio station, a licence must be obtained from the Department of Communications. Applicants must pass an examination in basic radio techniques and Regulations governing “Ham” radio broadcasting. On qualifying the student may operate on VHF and higher frequencies. A Morse code standard of twelve words per minute must be attained.

Fishing and Angling club

IPA Fishing & Angling CLUB

Efforts are being made to establish a fishing club

Angling in Ireland

History of Angling

Fishing is as old as the pyramids and perhaps older. 2000 BC an artist depicted an angling scene in Egypt. Paleolithic man drew fishing scenes on the walls of his cave. Chinese literature of 1500 BC described fishing using the silk of cocoons for lines and sharpened irons for hooks. The art or science of catching fish for food has a respectable history going back to the beginning of time. The legendary warrior, Fionn Mac Cumhaill, gained his unprecedented wisdom through inadvertently tasting the Salmon of Knowledge. Thereafter he had only to suck his thumb to find the answer to the most complex problems or to extricate himself from impossible positions. The mere act of fishing has a similar effect.

Joys of Angling

Thousands of people get a world of satisfaction and enjoyment from fishing. Angling is a state of mind and a healthy past-time which gets its follower out of doors whether on river, lake or deep sea and far away from the poisoned fumes and noises of the rat race. From the joys of being afloat or standing knee-deep in crystal waters lapping or rippling on rocky or sandy shores, to the thrill of putting human skills to enticing and separating a game fish from its natural environment, dispels everyday cares, worries and tensions, replacing them with utter tranquility.

Angling in Ireland

Ireland is one of the top class angling countries of Europe because it offers such a wide range of angling to beginners and experts and all a short distance from one another. The lakes and rivers and even the seas are steeped in history and folklore and set in scenery unsurpassed anywhere. An ambudance of wild Atlantic Salmon, migratory sea trout and wild brown trout can be fished in unspoiled waters of Ireland. A lot of valuable time can be saved by visitors and natives alike with the help of an experienced angler most of whom are willing to impart their knowledge and point the learner in the right direction. The french call salmon, saumon; sea trout, truit de mer and brown trout, truite. German anglers use the terms Lachs, Meerofella and Lachs Forelle. The equivalent terms in Gaelic are bradan, breac geal and breac but the English terms are in general use.


Irish fishing waters come under four categories: free, private, club or state owned. Fishing is free in many rivers and lakes including the larger lakes like the mighty Lough Corrib in Galway, the magnificent Loughs Conn and Mask in Mayo and Sheelin in Cavan. The beautiful middle and lower Lakes of Killarney and Lough Currane in Kerry voted by anglers to be the best salmon and sea trout lake in Europe.


A day permit is required to fish waters classified as private, club or association or state owned. Such permits can be obtained from the owners, secretaries or managers of the fishery. Weekly permits can be had at reduced rates. In addition, a state licence is required to fish for salmon and sea trout. Anglers may fish from river banks, shores of lakes or from open boats; this would permit wading into a lake, standing on rocks, piers or headlands or manmade fishing stands. Lake boats are always available and are regarded as the safest, most enjoyable and productive manner of fishing. Inexperienced anglers are advised to engage an experienced boatman. Two anglers are permitted per boat.

Salmon Fishing

Fish for Spring salmon, Summer salmon (grilse) or migratory sea trout is prohibited unless to holders of a salmon rod and line licence which can be obtained from officers of Regional Fishery Board, fishing tackle stores, hotels, guest houses or other nominated licence distributors. Enquiries should be made to a Regional Fishery Board. A licence is not required for brown trout, course or sea fishing.

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Luxury Break to the Algarve in the famous  5* Hilton Vilamoura Portugal

06 March 2018 for 4 Nights on B&B in the amazing 5* Hilton Vilamoura As Cascatas Golf Resort & Spa
Good to know
25 minutes from Faro Airport and close to Falesia private beach (with shuttle)
24-hour fitness center, spa, six pools, near two golf courses
Paradise Islands Kids' Club open during summer months
Five Vilamoura restaurants and bars
Eight meeting rooms, ballroom, business center and WiFi throughout hotel
Flight details – Aer lingus
TUE 6MAR DUBFAO 1250 1545
SAT 10MAR FAODUB 1625 1930
20kg bag included per person
 IPA TRAVEL special Offer €449pp sharing

Contact email ipairish@gmail or phone 01-8302907



IPA HIKING CLUB Acting Secretary, Annmarie Larkin Signals the Launch of the new CLUB.

The new IPA Hiking Club was lunched on Saturday, 16th September, 2017.  The club is open to all IPA members, serving and retired.  We would like to invite you to join pur Club.  There is no Annual Membership Fee, all that is required is that you are a current member of the IPA. The Club events will also be open to family members and will cater for all levels of fitness.  An IPA Hiking Club Membership Application Form can be downloaded through the link below and IPA Membership Form can be found at https://ipaireland.ie/membership.php if you are not already a member.  Please return completed IPA Hiking Club membership application forms to the Acting Secretary:  Annmarie Larkin, Bailieboro Garda Station, Bailieboro, Co. Cavan.  The IPA membership forms can be returned directly to: IPA House, 13 Iona Drive, Glasnevin, Dublin 9, Ireland.  If you require any further information, please email me at annmarielarkin1@icloud.com.
IPA Hiking Club Membership Application Form.doc



Donegal Friendship Event 2018
***Because of the level of Bookings received, further availibility is now reserved for IPA Members attending National Congress 2018.

 Details available from Regional Chairman Willie Maye 086 2851194, Joe Lynch 086 233 8603 and IPA Office 01 830 2907.





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Special Discount Deal with Select Hotels of Ireland for IPA Members.




International Speakers Required

for Seminars at IBZ Gimborn 2018.