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Founded in 1950 and established in Ireland since 1955, The International Police Association is an independent body made up of members of the police service, whether on active duty or retired, and without distinction as to rank, sex, race, colour, language or religion. Its purpose is to create bonds of friendship and to promote international co-operation. The association has a world-wide membership of over 360,000 in 61 countries and that is why, as a member, you can confidently say:

As a member of IPA With over 360,000 colleagues in 61 countries "at your service" worldwide, I am never without a friend for Professional, Social or Emergency assistance while at home or abroad - all it takes is one call home to my IPA contact.

IPA Houses / Apartments

  • Dublin - Cork - Galway - Sligo - Killarney and Wexford

  • Discount at hotels when booked through IPA Office:

    Tel: 01 830 2907 Fax: 01 830 4612 or Email: ipairish@gmail.com

  • Access to all IPA Houses worldwide - 63 houses in 21 countries.

    For full details on worldwide houses go to: www.ipaireland.com & www.ipa-houses.info


  • Generous discounts on Package Holidays and Travel - Choose your holiday, get a quote from IPA Office: 01 830 2907, compare prices then make your choice.

  • Generous grants to locally arranged Group Travel abroad.

  • Group rate Travel Insurance (Family Cover)

  • Car Hire special rates


  • International Youth Gatherings (Two weeks of supervised activities) - Open to 16 &17 year old children and grandchildren of IPA members...Next Gatherings - Hungary 2010 Ireland 2011.

  • Police related Seminars in Gimborn Castle, Germany. (Quality Management Standard DIN ISO EN 9001: 2008.)

  • Scholarships to Germany - Student/Probationer Gardai.

  • Generous grants to Social, Cultural or Professional IPA Activities arranged in your locality.

  • Scholarships to An Ghaeltacht.

Sporting Activities - Organised/Facilitated:

  • Golf - Regional & National Competition

  • 5-A-Side Football - National Competition - International Prize


  • Video

  • Photography

  • Short Story / Essay competitions

  • Collectors

  • Motorcycle Club

  • Pistol Club

  • Poetry Writing

  • Hill Walking

  • Wine appreciation


  • IPA Journal & Calendar.
    i. Creative writing opportunity.
    ii. Submit your best pictures for PICTURE PARADE


  • Wide selection of gifts and memorabilia.

Free Draws

  • Free Holiday Draws.

"Laura" Fund

  • Medical Emergency (financial) Aid to IPA families in Ireland.