IPA Membership

IPA Membership

How to enrol as a member of IPA:
Obtain, complete and sign in two places an enrolment form from Regional Enrolment Secretary or any committee member, or simply download the relevant printable version from the list on the right. Return your completed form to the National Enrolment Secretary.

To become a member of the Section Ireland of the International Police Association (IPA) the applicant must either be a serving or retired member of An Garda Siochana. He/She must complete the relevant application form and undertake to obey the Constitution and Rules of Section Ireland.

Serving members must sign an Authorisation to the Accountant, Department of Justice, for the deduction at source from salary, of the membership subscription of €0.95 per week.

Retired members must sign a similar Authorisation to the Paymaster General, for the deduction at source from pension.

Extraordinary/Garda Reserve applicants must sign a Bank Payment authorisation form for annual payment of IPA Membership Fees.

For further information, contact the National Enrolment Secretary.