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Chairman: Willie Maye
Secretary: Tom Lyons

The Colmcille Region, covering the land of Inishowen and Tir Conaill lies to the North West of Ireland, and it is there you will find Malin Head, the most northerly point of Ireland. The county covers an area of 483,042 hectares and has a 140Km border with Northern Ireland. To the south, the county has a 9Km border with County Leitrim. The beauty of Donegal is enhanced not only by the islands that lie off its coastline, the best known of these being Árainn Mór and Tory (Toraigh) which are both inhabited, but also by its rugged mountain ranges, including the beautiful Bluestacks.

Donegal also proudly boasts the highest sea cliffs in Europe at Sliabh a'Liag, west of Killybegs. Mount Errigal, the best known and most prominent mountain in Donegal stands 2,466 feet high (751m). Two of the counties other prominent mountains are Slieve Snacht in Inishowen at 682m high and Muckish (lies beside Mount Errigal) at 669m high.

Donegal benefits from an amazing coastline, along which runs the Wild Atlantic Way. For anyone involved in water sports or other outdoor activities, this coastline is supplemented by many inland lakes and rivers, providing ideal locations for a wide variety of water related activities, including fishing. Sheltered seas are to be found in Donegal Bay, Lough Swilly and Lough Foyle, where sailing, pleasure boating and fishing can be enjoyed and of course the welcome of the hills of Donegal and of her homes, remembered in song and verse is now legendary.

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