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Chairman: Marie Daly (NEC, IPC)
Secretary: Elaine Healy

Templemore College

In 1963 the government decided to move Garda training from the Phoenix Park Depot in Dublin where it had taken place since 1842 to McCann Barracks, which was renamed as the Garda Training Centre (GTC).On February 14th 1964, recruits and training staff marched from the Phoenix Park Depot to Heuston railway Station to board the 'Templemore Special' train. On reaching Templemore railway station, the group marched in formation to the GTC. On February 21st 1964, the Garda Training Centre was officially opened by Mr Charles J. Haughey, then Minister for Justice, and Mr Dan Costigan, Commissioner. The Garda College, Templemore in Co Tipperary was originally built in 1809 as Richmond Barracks after a government decision to build a number of new barracks in Ireland. Tipperary had a history of lawlessness, once causing the Chief Secretary Robert Peel to comment: "you can have no idea of the moral depravation of the lower orders in that county". Peel, in later correspondence with Lord Liverpool, attributed the cause of ongoing disturbance in Ireland to "that natural predilection for outrage and a lawless life which I believe nothing can control".

The Peninsular War was in progress while the barracks was being built, and to commemorate recent victories in that campaign, streets in Templemore were named after locations associated with the war, such as Wellington Mall, Talavera Place, Vimerma Mall and Bussaco Street. The barracks was named in honour of the Duke of Richmond, who served under the Duke of Wellington. Between construction in 1809 and Irish independence in 1922, almost 100 different regiments of the British Army served in Templemore. Richmond Barracks was built on a 57 acre site owned by Sir John Carden, a member of the dominant local family. An unpopular figure, as he had evicted many tenants from his estates, thereby earning the nickname 'Woodcock' because "those who shot at him always missed". Richmond was one of the largest barracks in Ireland, and in 1837 it was reported that "Templemore contains extensive military barracks with accommodations for 54 officers, 1,500 men and 30 horses, and an hospital for 80 patients; a Bridewell; a fever hospital and a dispensary, ball, news and reading rooms, and a public billiard table". (Words by Sergeant John Reynolds, Garda College Museum)

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