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Chairman: Coleman Hogan
Secretary: Kerrie Deegan

The new Viking Region (26) encompasses the Garda Division of Waterford here in the area of Ireland fondly referred to as The Sunny South East. It also includes the Garda Districts of Tramore and Dungaravn. Waterford is best known for Waterford Crystal and is proud to have been host venue to the IPA National Congress 2012. Waterford is also known as the oldest city in Ireland, recently celebrating 1100 years of existence, and with the exception of London and Paris, predates all of the other European cities.

Tramore is a seaside destination, well known locally and nationally for its long beaches and great surf. Tramore has a rich history of myths and legends, one of the most famous of which is associated with the Metalman. The myth surrounding this prominent figure tells that any woman who can hop barefoot around the base of the Metalman will be married within the year!

Dungarvan is another seaside town boasting mouth watering restaurants, beaches that go on for miles and lots of famous heritage sites on the outskirts and surrounding areas of the town. Waterford has so much to offer including costal drives, award winning hotels and spectacular golf courses.

There are wonderful little villages and towns dotted around Waterford County; all of which are on a "must visit" list, including Lismore, Annestown and Dunmore East. The Viking Region has for the second successive year held the Gerry Lynch Bowling tournament in memory of our great IPA friend and colleague Gerry Lynch who was very much involved in the life of IPA in our Region. Our hope in the coming year is to see many more Regions attend and compete for this wonderful night of friendship and camaraderie.

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