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Chairman: Joe Dunleavy
Secretary: Mick Walsh

Galway is different to any other town in Ireland. Yeats once described it as the "Venice of the West".

Located on the West Coast, on the Atlantic shores, Galway is the cultural capital of Ireland. Free spirited, bohemian and artistic, Galway has an ambience of its own. Galway is famously known as the 'City of the Tribes'. This came about in the early 13th century, when the power of the city divulged to 14 'Tribes', which were affluent families of English descent.

Galway traded in wine, spices, salt, animal produce and fish. The wealth of its citizens could be seen from the many stone-faced buildings which were erected around this time. The most important of which is the Church of St. Nicholas, work began on the church in 1320.In the last quarter of the 20th Century, Galway has concentrated on promoting its tourist potential and has built a strong local industrial base.

Many Galway people are Irish speakers and much of the Gaelic culture has been preserved. Galway is more than a city, it is a way of life and it represents both an appreciation of the good things in life and a carefree vibrancy.

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