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Chairman: Aidan Curtin
Secretary: James O'Meara

Harcourt Square or 'The Square' as it is known is the smallest region in IPA Section Ireland. However while it may be small in size, it has the highest amount of Gardaí per square metre than any other region in the country. With its concentration of national units, the work of members in the Square often attracts the attention of the media and the public, some wanted and sometimes unwanted. Most of the units based in the Square come under the umbrella of National Support Services, including the National Bureau Criminal Investigation (NBCI), Garda Bureau of Fraud Investigation, Criminal Assets Bureau, Garda National Drugs Unit and Garda National Immigration Bureau The region also consists of Garda Traffic, Garda Community Relations Bureau and the Communications Centre.

The main part of the region consists of 4 main blocks, designed by Keane Murphy Duff and built in 1977. It measures 10,850 square metres and there are 158 'official' car spaces. As anyone who has ever visited the underground car park can testify the best description is that it resembles a game of Tetris with visitors often perplexed the be told to park in what appears to be non- existent space. The region's central location is convenient to many attractions including the National Concert Hall, Iveagh Gardens and Dublin Castle and well known hostelries including Copper Face Jacks. As a new region in the section, the new regional committee will work to bring the spirit of IPA to the Square and fulfil the motto of 'Servo per Amikeco'.

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