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Q. Can you tell me about the latest Travel Insurance product for IPA Members?

A. The growing Irish economy means that many Irish families now take more than one trip or holiday in a year. While sourcing the perfect getaway can take some organising, booking your travel insurance has never been easier.
This product has been tailored specifically for IPA Members and their families to cover their annual multi-trip travel requirements. Subject to terms and conditions, it costs just €97.50 and will ensure peace of mind while you relax on holiday.

Q. Who is covered under this family policy?

A. The IPA Member, his/her spouse/partner and dependent children living at the same address. Children up to 17 years of age are also covered travelling without a parent once the trip is no longer than 30 days. Dependent children aged between 17 and 23 years in full-time education are covered whilst travelling with the insured person / insured person's spouse.

Q. What defines a partner?

A. A partner is a male/female companion of the insured, who has been living with the insured for the past 6 months or more. So, this offer is not just for families but for couples too.

Q. What is the period of Insurance?

A. The maximum duration of any one trip should not exceed 45 days and the total time spent outside Ireland should not exceed 180 per year.

Q. Do I need to inform the Insurer each time you travel?

A. No. Once you are not travelling for more than 45 days

Q. What if a trip is longer than 45 days?

A. The first premium is charged again for any stays longer than 45 days, or part thereof, and no trip longer than 60 days will be covered.

Q. How long are you covered for?

A. Once premium is paid, cover commences from the confirmation date of cover for 12 months.

Q. Are there any geographical limits?

A. No. The policy is Worldwide, including trips within Ireland (Northern Ireland/UK) involving paid overnight accommodation in licensed premises.

Q. What should I do if I have to see a doctor or be admitted to hospital during my holiday?

A. Your policy schedule issued when you purchase this policy details an Emergency phone number for you to contact from abroad in this instance. You will be advised of the claiming procedures and provided with immediate access to a 24 Hour multi-lingual Medical Emergency Service Department.

Q. Is there a restriction on the number of children?

A. No.

Q. What is the maximum age per insured person?

A. Different premiums will apply depending on the age and occupational status of members as listed below:-
New two tier agreement with Brassington Insurance

- The standard fee will apply to all members of IPA in up to the age of 64 years. €95.50

- All members of IPA between 65 years of age to 79 years of age will be subject to the fee of €170.30

Members over 79 years will be considered on an individual basis subject to a completed proposal form and medical report

Q. Can I travel on my own?

A. Yes, your travel insurance covers you or your spouse/partner if travelling independently of each other.

Q. Are business trips covered?

A. Yes, non-manual business trips are covered.

Q. How do IPA Members avail of this policy

Contact Brassington Insurance by telephone 01 4061666 or by email to www.quickcover


Q. How do I buy HolidayTravel Insurance online?
A. Simply follow each step as requested, filling in all the required details, make sure that you have your credit card ready.

Q. Who are the Underwriters?
A. JustCover Limited has arranged this insurance through leading travel insurance administrators, Optimum Underwriting Limited, and Insurers Groupama Insurance Company Limited.

Q. Which policy is best for me?
A. If you are travelling more than twice a year, you should consider taking out the Multi Trip policy, as this can be more cost effective. You can take out a Multi Trip policy to Europe only, Worldwide excluding the USA or Worldwide including USA. For a small additional premium you can also include Winter Sport cover.
If you travel only once a year, then the Single Trip policy is probably for you

Q. Do you cover Pre-existing Medical Conditions?
A. We can get you cover for Pre-existing Medical conditions with our Partner Company by contacting our office at 01 4404367

Q. How long can I get cover for?
A. Multi-trip policies cover unlimited trips abroad per year with a maximum duration of 45, 60 or 90
days any one trip (except where Aviva Health Discount is applied, then the length of any one trip is 31 days). For single trip policies the maximum duration of 6 months stay applies(except where Aviva Health Discount is applied, then the length of any trip is 31 days) .

Q. What is the definition of a couple
A. Any 2 people booking a policy at the same time. In the case of a Single Trip, they will be travelling together. For a Multi Trip policy, the commencement date of the policy will be the same, but they do not have to travel together

Q. What is the definition of a child
A. JustCover acknowledge that children are in the education system longer than before, so we define a child as someone who is living at home, in full time education and under the age of 23. When travelling as a child they must be accompanied by a parent traveling on the same policy. Otherwise if they are over the age of 18 they should take out the adult policy.

Q. What destination should I choose?
A. You should choose either 1. U.K 2. Europe 3. Worldwide 3. Australia/New Zealand

Q. What countries are in Europe, Worldwide?
A. If you are unsure whether your destination is in Europe or Worldwide, just click on the
"destination" button, and a list of European and Worldwide countries will be displayed.

Q. What if I am over the age allowed?
A. The Travel Insurance policy covers persons up to and including 75years of age. The Backpackers/Longstay policy covers persons up to and including 40 years of age. If you are aged over 75 and require cover contact our office at 01 4404367

Q. Am I covered for sport activies?
A. Participation in most sports, on a recreational and non professional basis, is covered within the terms of the policy at no additional premium, subject to all recognised equipment and safety precautions being utilised. Certain hazardous sports may be subject to increased premium and Medical Excess or may have restrictions on the Personal Accident and / or Personal Liability cover during that activity. You will find details of sporting activities covered on the policy when you click for a quotation.

Q. Are winter sports covered?
A. This is an optional extra on your policy. Winter Sports are covered provided the Winter Sport premium is paid. However, we do not cover persons 66 years and older for Winter Sport.
(Terms & Conditions apply)

Q. What if I don't like my policy?
A. If after receiving your policy you are not entirely satisfied with it, we will give you a full refund less any credit card charges as long as it is returned to us within 14 days and you have not travelled or made a claim.

Q. I am already abroad, can I take out this insurance?
A. No, the Travel Insurance must be purchased before you depart your home country.

Q. Does it cover car hire insurance?
A. No - you would need to arrange this separately.

Q. What do I do in the event of a medical emergency while abroad?
A. JustCover Ltd use the facilities of First Assist. This is a 24 hour emergency service that can help in case of a serious medical emergency.

Telephone: UK + 44 20 87634825
Facsimile: UK + 44 20 8763 3035

It is important to quote reference "JUSTCOVER LTD"

If your question has not been answered here please do not hesitate to contact IPA Office or National Travel Secretary


  • Contact Brassington Insurance by telephone 01 4061666 or by email to info@brassinton.ie

  • You can now pay by credit card or Laser directly by phoning A.R. Brassington & Co. on 01-4061666 or check out their web site www.brassington.ie

If your question has not been answered here please do not hesitate to contact IPA Office or Brassington Insurance.