IPA Travel Bureau


A NATIONAL TOUR is organised every year by the national travel secretary. This tour is usually to an organised Friendship Week by an IPA section around the world. In the past these tours have been to such places as South Africa, Russia and Turkey to name just a few. In the next few years there are Friendship weeks attached to the International Congress in France, Romania and Israel although we have attended the Friendship Weeks attached to Conferences in the past, if something more attractive to the membership comes up, we will consider everything.

Some Regions and Branches also organise short tours and trips abroad, some for Christmas shopping or accompanying their sports teams. Contact your local Regional or Branch Travel Secretary to see what is being organized from your area or if you have a suggestion and need assistance in organising a trip contact your local branch.

There are grants available for Regional activities and Travel which can be applied for through Regional Secretary.


IPA Travel Bureau

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